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Tv u Radyo

Gorani Kurde
Gorani Byani
Tv u Radyo
Shte Jwan

Radio Azadi (

Online TV

Kurdistan TV
Medya TV

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  • Medya Tv Fransa´dan yayin yapan kürt televizyonu
  • Merg û Çimen The new kurdish site ... Merg u Cimen with Music,Videos,Pictures and more!!
  • Welcome to Merg U Cimen The new kurdish site ... Merg u Cimen with Music,Videos,Pictures and more!!

    <= | Radyo(Radio)

  • RadioAsti Isvectan yayinlanan Kürt Radyosu
  • Zayele Radyosu Kürt Radyosu.Isvec`te
  • Radiozaza Radio zaza û zarafa zazaki
  • Radyo Komalah Voice of Komalah.Kurdish,Persian
  • Radyo Denge Ciwan Danimarkadaki Kürt Radyosu.Kürt linksleri
  • Radio Kurdistan Kürt Radyosu.Stockholm´da
  • Radio Dersim Avusturyada`ki Kürt Radyosu
  • Kurdish Radio Isvecin Gothenburg sehrindeki Kürt Radyosu. Rodyayo Kurdî li Swêdê.
  • Radio Mozaik Radyoya Kurdi li Danimark. Danimarkadaki Kürt Radyosu
  • Radio Zindi Radyoya kurdi
  • Radio Flora Almanyadaki Kürt Radyosu
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